Mississippi District Women's Ministries






Mississippi Women's Ministries is committed to equip and encourage women in the local church by developing and training them to fulfill the Great Commission in their community.


The purpose for Women's Ministries in the Mississippi District is:


  • To provide resources, training and networking opportunities to female leaders in local church ministries so they can reach and disciple other women in their communities to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
  • To be a strong support system for missionaries in the Mississippi District through financial provision and prayer support.
  • To connect the women in our network through annual network-wide events that provide inspiration, challenge, opportunities for spiritual growth and practical instruction in areas of interest to women.
  •  Through this ministry, women learn biblical principles of leadership and obtain practical tools for reaching and discipling others in their community. Women's Ministries offers resources to every woman according to her needs and interests.


Mississippi Assemblies of God

Women's Ministries Department

P.O. Box 720309

Byram, MS 39272