Mississippi District Women's Ministries






One Heart Ministries is the arm of outreach to our World Missionaries.  As our Mississippi missionaries prepare to leave for the missions field (or return home), the dynamics of setting up a home can be daunting.  We are not all called to a foreign field of ministry, but our hearts go with the ones that are.


Women's Ministries in Mississippi assists our missionaries with this transition by providing gift cards that are used to purchase items for their home,whether stateside or abroad.


It is our great honor to assist our missionaries as they answer the call of God on their lives to minister on foreign soil.





Ladies groups and individuals across the state provide Wal-mart gift cards in increments of $25 each.  These gift cards are bundled together and given to the couple/individual at the time of need.


Gift cards may be mailed to P.O. Box 720309, Byram, MS  39272.  Or donations to One Heart Ministries fund may be made online.


Mississippi Assemblies of God

Women's Ministries Department

P.O. Box 720309

Byram, MS 39272