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  • Before beginning an internship, one must have completed one or more DSOM, Global University or other approved courses at the corresponding level of credential for which one will be applying.
  • Identify and recruit the qualified pastor/mentor needed to complete the internship requirements and submit the completed “Mentor Covenant”. This person must be approved by the designated DSOM & District Leadership.
  • Successfully complete and submit for approval all required application forms.  Forms may be obtained by contacting your local DSOM Registrar.
  • Pay all fees.

o Course Registration Fee - $25.

  • The DSOM Internship experience requires a commitment of time.

o Pastor/mentor & Intern working relationship - 3 months

o Intern’s Prayer Journal - 3 months.

o The Internship time frame runs in two semesters; January through June and July through December.


As a result of completing this internship the student will achieve the following results:


  • Meet the General Council of the Assemblies of God internship requirement for the designated level of credential.
  • Develop significant relationships and knowledge of resources that will enhance their future ministry through practical learning projects.
  • Be better equipped for effective, efficient, ethical and God honoring ministry.
  • Develop clearer understanding of their personal gifts, abilities and areas needing further development.
  • Develop personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually toward the high calling of “Christ likeness” in all they are and do.



The DSOM internship consists of 5 Standards at each credential level. Each Standard contains three elements that enable the student to meet the standard and achieve the learning objective.  The elements in each module are:

1. A “hands on” learning project.

2. Evaluation forms and written reports.

3. Interaction with Pastor/Mentor (s).



The standards designated in the internship strategy as “mandatory” are components of the credentialing requirement for the General Council of the Assemblies of God.  As such they cannot be altered by a District School of Ministry or a District Council of the Assemblies of God.


To successfully complete their DSOM internship students MUST meet the objectives and follow the “steps to completion” for ALL FIVE standards at each credential level.




Students who feel, based on previous training or ministerial experience that they have attained the competency described in a standard or standards may request, in writing, “credit for life experience”. The request must include a clear statement of how the standard has been met and documentation (if possible and appropriate).


Students seeking “credit for life experience” from some standards must submit their request to their DSOM leadership PRIOR to the completion of their internship.  Students seeking “credit for life experience” for the entire internship must submit their request to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Mississippi District Council of the Assemblies of God.


Certified  - Licensed  - Ordained


The selection of appropriate pastor(s)/mentor(s) is critical to the success of the internship process.  As used in this portfolio, “pastor/mentor” refers to that person overseeing the entire internship.  Often the pastor/mentor is the senior pastor.  The pastor/mentor must be approved by the designated DSOM and District Leadership.  The pastor/mentor must be one who is fully cooperative and supportive of the ministries and policies of the District Council of the Assemblies of God.  The pastor/mentor may want to include another minister who has outstanding qualifications to give the intern the “best practice” experience in a given area.


Pastor/Mentor Qualifications:


An appropriate and qualified mentor must…


  • Be ordained or credentialed one level above the credential the student is seeking (except for ordination).
  • Willingly follow the policies and guidelines of the DSOM internship process.
  • Have demonstrated a proven ministry of cooperation & integrity.
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of pastoral experience.
  • Willingly invest significant time in the intern and the internship process.
  • Refuse to serve as a mentor in those areas in which they lack the expertise or if their involvement is not in the best interest of the student.
  • Refer students to others who have greater expertise in areas when it is in the best interest of the student.
  • Willingly complete and submit the required DSOM Pastor/Mentor’s Summary & Evaluation Reports and Pastor/Mentor’s Statement/Letter along with the completed Student Summary Report & student’s Prayer Journal Summary Report to the DSOM internship coordinator at the end of the 3 month internship period.
  • Be approved by the designated DSOM and District Leadership.
  • Communicate concerns regarding the intern or the internship process with the DSOM leadership.



Each student enrolled in the Internship Class will be responsible for filling out and submitting to their Pastor/Mentor, his/her Student Summary Report. This student report along with the Pastor/Mentor Summary Report and Prayer Journal Summary Report will be sent by the Pastor/Mentor to their District’s DSOM Internship Registrar by the end of the Internship semester.


• The Internship Final Report will include:

o Pastor/Mentor statement/letter

o Student Summary Report

o Pastor/Mentor Summary Report

o Prayer Journal Summary Report

o All one page reports from Standards

o Sermon Critiques (Ordained level only)


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