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16 AG Fundamental Truths



General Council Constitution and Bylaws

The portion you will need for the exam is found on pages 91-151.  You may download it from ag.org or a hard copy may be purchased by contacting Elois Espinoza (417.862.2781 or eespinoza@ag.org)




Items to Note:


The exam consists of true/ false, multiple choice & matching questions.


16 AG Fundamental Truths

      ~  Only the title is needed, i.e., The Scriptures Inspired instead of the full statement.

      ~  Licensed level will need one scripture reference for each statement

      ~  Ordained level will need two scripture references for each statement.


Personal Testimony may be prepared in advance and brought with you to the meeting.


Call to the Ministry may be prepared in advance and brought with you to the meeting.


You may use the General Council Constitution & Bylaws book during the exam for that portion of the test.





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